Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fall to Winter, Change in a Blink

It’s snowing outside.  Living in the Midwest my whole life I’m neither surprised nor sad to see it come back.  Like a dinner bell it signals the end of all the hustle and bustle that fall field work brings and rings in the hush of a calmer scene in the country. As harvest 2014 wraps up and winter blows in like he owns the place I began searching through all of my pictures that I have taken over this busy season.  As you well know by now, I am hardly ever without my camera in arms reach.  As a result I have captured some of the most pure snapshots of what living and working on the farm is all about.  It is about our passion and our love for what we do.  It is about being good stewards of the land and caretakers of our animals.  It is about hoping that the next generation grows their love for the farm so much that someday maybe they too will decide to come back and be a part of it.  So without further adieu I invite you to enjoy some of my favorite pictures from this fall. 
Watching closely so that someday he can do what dad does.

Our pig buildings sit in some of the most beautiful locations

Working on the equipment before harvest begins

Picking corn wears you out!

Tractor time with your kids is quality time with your kids

TJ and Tim check the feed mill in between all of the big bins.

The sunsets and sunrises were amazing this year!
The dawn of another busy day

As we pick the corn to feed the pigs you can see our farm in the distance

Real pig farming in all of its glory.

Some like to argue that pig farming is bad for the environment, yet this surrounding environment doesn't show that at all.

The lights come on as the sun sets so that we can work deep into the night.
Sunday mornings picking beans with the family are the best days!
The deer get a little "silly" this time of year chasing their ladies.
I just could not contain myself with all of the beautiful colors this fall.

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  1. I always enjoy your eyes view. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!