Monday, November 10, 2014

Tractor Driving Addiction

I can remember when I was younger driving through the mighty state of Wisconsin across rolling hills lined with rows of corn.  Every summer we would head through the state from Chicago on our way to our cabin in Upper Michigan.  It was a magical time for me.  Driving across the countryside like that was one of the only times I would leave my city limits and get to see true agriculture in action.  We would zip through and gawk as farmers in their tractors worked the fields back and
forth repeatedly in what seemed like slow motion.
I recall thinking to myself, how in the world can anyone stand to drive back and forth for so long in basically the same place? How incredibly boring and unrewarding that job must be.  

It was only after I had moved to the farm and became that farmer working in her field that I realized what the draw to it was.  It’s addicting, plain and simple.  Time in the tractor is time to myself and time to my thoughts.  It's a time where you can feel the power and the pull of the tractor you are the captain of as you pull some heavy implement across the soil.  It’s time to play whatever music I want to and sing to it, as loud as I want.  It’s a chance to sit back and watch the beauty of the farm grow and change around you.  It’s an opportunity to watch an entire sunset, start to finish, over a rolling hill and golden fields. 

 Spring time tractor riding means the smell of fresh dirt being overturned for the first time since the frozen months, getting it ready for the planter to sew a new crop into the ground.  Time actually goes faster in the tractor.  You start at daybreak and before you know it someone is bringing you supper at the gate. I get it now.  Now that harvest is almost over I know that even though I might be happy to see my husband in person a little more, we will still gaze at that combine and tractor sitting in the shed longing for the crop to turn brown once more so that we can drive them across those wide open spaces.  Yes I think it is safe to say, I have a tractor driving addiction.

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